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Book club/discussion questions:

  1. What choices did Rebecca, as a Jewish woman in the thirteenth century, have when she fell in love with Ivanhoe, a Christian man? What choices did they both have?
  2. What impact did the existence of the medical school in Salerno have on Rebecca’s life? How might she have proceeded if attending the medical school hadn’t been an option?
  3. How did Salerno’s Jewish society treat Rebecca? What were the reasons for this treatment?
  4. Why did Rafael persist after Rebecca repeatedly turned him down? Should he have given up on her and sought another bride?
  5. What was the nature of relationships between Jews and Christians in Salerno?
  6. How did the Jewish community deal with Rabbi ben Shmuel, especially after his arrest?
  7. How did Rebecca and Rafael’s pursuit of justice for the rabbi change once they knew the identity of the killer?
  8. What was Duke Henry’s role in dealing with the murder of the crusader?
  9. What conclusions can be drawn from the outcome of Rebecca and Rafael’s pursuit of justice for the rabbi?
  10. How did the advice of women such as Leah Sara Garcia and Signora ben Levi impact Rebecca and influence her choices?
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