Short writings of mine, on a wide variety of topics, including highly personal ones.

To Reduce or Not to Reduce? What a Good Question!  8/22/22: How I happily lost.

Bashert? Who, Me? 7/25/22: How I met my husband.

A Grandmother’s Love Story 6/2/22: One Shabbat Eve in Jerusalem.

Lost From History – A Taste of Licoricia 5/2/422: A medieval Jewish woman and an English king.

Joseph, We Never Knew You 4/28/22: Tragic loss of my young cousin.

“Hello, I’m your cousin.” 4/25/22: I suddenly have a much enlarged family!

Happy Chanukah! 12/5/21: How might Rebecca have celebrated Chanukah in the 13th Century?

Meeting My Medieval Heroine—In-Person! 9/16/21: OMG – that’s Rebecca!

Salerno Today 8/5/21: Not “touristy”, but delightful.

Whence Rebecca?  5/3/21: What inspired Walter Scott to create Rebecca in Ivanhoe?